Short break Opportunities

A short break may be required due to the following situations:

Crisis Support

You are unable to provide support to the person you care for.
In such situations, call Social Services immediately

Planned Support

You require a planned break from your caring responsibilities. This may be for a few hours to attend to other commitments; or longer, such as attending a family holiday, an event, or even just a little time away from caring.  Breaks may be required as a one-off arrangement, or several periods throughout the year.

There are a number of planned support options for the person you care for:

  • Support in the Community

Several options may be available for the person you care for such as day care opportunities or befriending services for adults, or child minding services for children or young people.

  • Support at Home

If the adult you support requires support at home in your absence, they may require care at home.  We would assess the needs of the person you care for to provide support, and they may be required to contribute towards their support.  If a child or young person with a disability requires support, there is a specialist respite foster care option.

  • Residential Respite

For adults who have more comprehensive support needs, a residential or nursing home placement may be required.  They will be assessed as requiring Short Term Care, and may be required to contribute towards their support.