Care & Support at Home

Care and support can be provided within your home by registered healthcare professionals who provide medical care needs, or by professional caregivers who provide daily care to help ensure activities of daily living are met.

In addition, short break opportunities provide day or overnight care in your own home, which provides temporary respite to those who are caring for family members.

Older People

Care at Home (sometimes known as “home help” or “home support”) is designed to help older people enjoy living safely and independently in their own homes for as long as possible. It is all about giving you the encouragement, support, skills and confidence you need to stay in your own home, or to be able to return home after a stay in hospital.

Physical Disability

Care and support at home can assist people with physical disabilities and/or sensory impairment to live independently in their own home, whilst continuing to enjoy a fulfilling and rewarding life. Support is provided on an individual tailor-made basis to provide people with a range of opportunities and choices about their care.

Learning Disability

People with learning disabilities can retain their independence at home and enjoy the same right to a happy and fulfilled life as everyone else. Care and support at home can be flexible to fit around people’s routines, minimizing intervention, and increasing potential for each individual to enjoy quality of life with family, friends and loved ones.

Mental Health Needs

Individuals living with a mental health need may benefit from care and support at home as part of their care pathway, helping to return them to independent living and to access all the services the community has to offer. This additional support can allow the person to achieve the most positive outcome for them as part of their overall health progression.


Dementia is the result of physical illnesses which affect the brain and can only be diagnosed by a doctor. Every person with dementia is different and caring for someone with dementia is challenging because of the complex, unpredictable and progressive nature of the illness. Care and support at home is designed to inform and empower people with dementia and their Carers, and help you cope with the practical and emotional difficulties you may face.